Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Important Considerations When Installing Rainwater Tanks for Homes

Collecting rainwater is a good way to make the most of the natural resources available. It is essential in areas that lack water supply but also useful in other places to avoid water restrictions. Many households who do invest in a rainwater collection system find that they can rely on it for up to 80% of their water needs, making it a genuinely useful proposition.

Choosing the best place to position your collection tank is essential. It is important that the structure on which the tank is constructed is strong enough to bear the weight of the tank and the water, when it is full. There needs to be easy access in case of repairs and maintenance, as well as being able to deliver the water at a constant pressure. In addition, you may need approval from a regulatory authority to comply with the Building Code or Plumbing Code of Australia depending on your location.

Depending on your tanks required use, water for gardening, toilets, washing machines, drinking purposes etc, a filtration system may be required to ensure that the water is treated appropriately. There are specific standards in place for the use required. If you buy from a reputable supplier of rainwater tanks, they will be able to assist you in assuring that the tank and filtration system meets these standards.

Before going ahead with buying and installing a rainwater tank, think about each stage in the water collection process. There will be pipes required to transport the water to areas of the building where it will be used. If you are unsure of what exactly can be done to your property if you have an existing structure be sure to speak with a professional.

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