Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Survey Reveals Western Australians are Interested in Rainwater Tanks

A recent survey carried out by the Australian Water Association and ARUP, an engineering consultancy, has revealed that 75 percent of Western Australians are seriously concerned about future water shortages. This concern is leading to demands for an increase in recycling water, and further analysis of the cost-effectiveness of the four Australian desalination plants.

Worries about future water supplies are particularly high among Western Australians, as the significantly reduced levels of WA dams after the hot autumn and dry winter has been widely reported.

The survey also revealed that 90 percent of the population is strongly in favour of using recycled water for watering gardens, flushing toilets and many industrial purposes. More than half agreed that desalination could be a “sustainable” source of municipal or industrial water, despite the fact that it is incredibly expensive.

Another way of easing future water shortages is to increase the use of rainwater, this is known as 'rainwater harvesting.' Rainwater harvesting is collecting rainwater that falls onto rooftops for reuse in a wide variety of applications, such as watering gardens, use in showers, toilets and laundry.

Nearly 20 percent of Australian households already collect rainwater for reuse and this number is predicted to rise as it is increasingly seen by many people as a useful and efficient way of saving money and helping the environment. 

With so many Australian householders concerned about water conservation, thinking about ways in which rainwater can be stored has never been so relevant. Rainwater tanks are among the most vital tools in rainwater harvesting.

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