Thursday, 10 March 2016

Finding the Ideal Location and Design for Water Tank Installation

Once you have decided that this money and energy saving option is right for your home, your water tank’s location should be very carefully considered. The tank needs to be in an optimum position to collect as much runoff water as possible, whilst also not being an obstacle or unsightly mark on your property's landscape.


There is a large array of different tank designs available, so there will always be one to suit your property and water capacity needs. You can also acquire a slim line tank which covers more wall area but hardly any ground so small gardens can still be fully enjoyed whilst you save money with your water collection decision.


The proximity of the rainwater tank in relation to features such as toilets or washing machines is also a very important factor. Ensuring that the collection vessel is an adequate distance away from these features is paramount to avoiding any future problems with water quality.

Another point to consider when you decide to have a rain collection tank installed is the slope and ground level of the site where it will be placed. Whilst rainwater tanks rely on the pitch of a roof to gather as much water as possible, you want the actual tank to be as flat as it can be in order to prevent water pooling and wastage.

When considering the perfect location for your rain fill water tanks it is important to take aesthetic considerations on board, especially for residential applications. Place the collection vessel at the side of the house or in a corner which is tucked away, or utilize a slimline tank which blends into your house, then reap the benefits of your rainwater harvesting system.

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