Friday, 1 April 2016

Amid Dwindling Water Supply, Owning Water Tanks May Be a Viable Option

With population growth, people living longer and increased industrial output, the developed world is becoming aware of the fact that water isn’t the unending resource everyone thought it was. At least, the water coming through most people’s taps isn’t. Water Supply All Over the World In heavily populated countries like the UK, water companies are already considering returning treated sewage water back into the rivers, where it will return through the filtration processes to the system for household re-use. Unless these measures are undertaken within the next 20 years, there is a grave risk large cities like London, will begin to find their domestic taps running dry.

Water Tanks can Help Residents Combat the Increasing Cost of Water

In areas like Western Australia, water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. Not only has annual rainfall been reducing over the past 30 years, but populations have been increasing. In just 15 years, Perth’s population has increased by 25%, much of it attributed to the mining boom and ancillary businesses that support it. It’s not a problem specific to Australia. In the Northern Hemisphere industrialised countries like the United States, United Kingdom and many others across Europe are experiencing the same problems for the same reasons. And things will only get worse. The world, it would seem, is beginning to dry up.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Go Green, and Watch Your Garden Grow with Help from Rainwater Tanks

A hundred years ago, who would have thought the one resource we all take so much for granted would become a precious commodity – water. Now, in many countries of the developed world water is in short supply. t’s not just that less of it is falling from the heavens, although in some areas that’s true. It’s increasing populations, and the massive amounts of water used in industrial and chemical processes which are reducing the useable water available. In a greater number of countries today, if we want to use water, we have to pay for it, and the cost will continue to increase.

What Are the Advantages of Using Slimline Rainwater Tanks for Homes?

As people across the world become more and more conscious of conserving energy and water, you’re likely to have heard about rainwater tanks somewhere along the line, but may be a little confused as to what this entails. The concept of rainwater tanks is quite simple; rain is collected in a tank, where it can be purified for drinking and bathing water, or utilised for a wide variety of other applications. Here are a few of the advantages of rainwater tanks. Easy to Maintain First of all, rainwater tanks are very easy to maintain. Clearing your gutters of leaves and debris and ensuring no holes or gaps in any of the pipework where it connects to your tank are a couple of crucial service requirements.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Be Kind to the Environment by Investing in a Water Harvesting System

With Perth experiencing 674.4 millilitres of rainfall in 2014, there’s great scope for homeowners and businesses to take a greener approach to everyday living. Through the use of a rainwater tank, it’s possible to maintain a garden, wash clothes and do the dishes, while making a positive contribution to the environment. How homeowners in Western Australia can benefit from a rain tank When water levels in Australia’s dams are low and restrictions are in place, prolonged use can damage water bays, the economy and the environment. Fortunately, homeowners can reduce their use through the installation of a rainwater tank. Using the rainwater collected, homeowners can water their gardens during periods of drought, reduce their water bills, flush their toilets, wash their clothes and reduce the risk of contaminants in the waterways.

Know the True Utility of a Raised Garden Bed: A Homeowner's Advisory

Perth is often a beautifully sunny city. Of course, its location on the coast brings plenty of unexpected rainfall from year to year. With the country being dry from end to end at times, it’s a fantastic idea to harness the water that falls throughout the year, and where better to start than with an outdoor garden? Why Consider Raised Garden Beds? Freestanding plants are susceptible to all of the critters that wander the Australian landscape, in Perth and elsewhere. If you have pets, they may also find your garden interesting and decide to make some of their own improvements. Digging in certain soil types can also be a strenuous and backbreaking task. Raised garden beds offer the ability to plant a garden with the minimum of fuss and keep your plants away from unwanted pests.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Finding the Ideal Location and Design for Water Tank Installation

Once you have decided that this money and energy saving option is right for your home, your water tank’s location should be very carefully considered. The tank needs to be in an optimum position to collect as much runoff water as possible, whilst also not being an obstacle or unsightly mark on your property's landscape.