Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Know the True Utility of a Raised Garden Bed: A Homeowner's Advisory

Perth is often a beautifully sunny city. Of course, its location on the coast brings plenty of unexpected rainfall from year to year. With the country being dry from end to end at times, it’s a fantastic idea to harness the water that falls throughout the year, and where better to start than with an outdoor garden? Why Consider Raised Garden Beds? Freestanding plants are susceptible to all of the critters that wander the Australian landscape, in Perth and elsewhere. If you have pets, they may also find your garden interesting and decide to make some of their own improvements. Digging in certain soil types can also be a strenuous and backbreaking task. Raised garden beds offer the ability to plant a garden with the minimum of fuss and keep your plants away from unwanted pests.

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