Sunday, 6 December 2015

Save Money and Be Environmentally Friendly with Rainwater Tanks in WA

Rainwater harvesting grows in importance, especially in areas vulnerable to drought such as Perth. With water costs and demand on the rise, more companies are turning to these systems to supplement the water needs of their facilities. The collected water is then used for any and all water needs—from irrigation to consumption and beyond. Rainwater collection in Sydney’s Wetherill Park Stockland, Australia’s largest property group, was recently awarded a 5 Star Green Star – Retail Centre Design rating by the Green Building Council of Australia for its Wetherill Park shopping centre redevelopment in Sydney’s western suburbs. Among the major reasons cited for the award was the shopping centre’s use of rainwater harvesting for toilet flushing. The move is expected to reduce the centre’s potable water consumption by five kilolitres a day.

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