Thursday, 17 December 2015

Corrugated Water Tanks: Why They're So Popular in Western Australia

Corrugated water tanks are specially-designed for collecting rainwater and storing it for everyday use, whether you want to help the environment at your commercial organisation or save money at home. These environmentally-friendly tanks are a popular choice due to their long life and durability.

Options for Water Tanks

Tanks for collecting rainwater are available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes, offering customers excellent choice when it comes to selecting the right product to match their dwelling or business. These options include slimline tanks that can be installed in tight spaces and under eaves, as well as round tanks ideal for being out in the open and easily accessible.

You can also order custom-made tanks if you're looking for a precise solution that has the ideal length, width, height, and placement of the taps and overflows. There's an equally flexible choice of tank sizes, ranging from as little as 500 litres all the way up to 22,000 litres.

Why Corrugated?

Corrugated rainwater tanks are strong and durable and have a long life span. They require very little maintenance when compared to other materials. In particular, cleaning the outer and interior surfaces of a corrugated tank is easy with a water hose, which can remove debris that often builds up over time as well as the sediment left behind by rainwater. These types of tanks contain a waterproof membrane on the interior, so you needn't worry about rust or damage to the tank's interior surface contaminating your water supply.

Corrugated water tanks retain their shape and form regardless of the amount of water you want to store up for everyday uses such as watering plants or flushing the toilet.

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