Thursday, 25 June 2015

Water Tanks in Perth: How Do You Ensure the Drinkability of Rainwater?

The use of water tanks in Perth to collect rainwater may help cut your water bills, serve as an alternative source of clean water in times of drought, and help save the environment. Depending on tank size and climate, rainwater harvesting can replace mains water use by as much as 100 percent. This, in turn, can help reduce water infrastructure operation costs, protect remaining environmental flows in rivers, and make existing dams and desalination plants more efficient. Rainwater collected from a well-built and well-maintained water tank system can be suitable for many domestic uses, including drinking. Bear in mind, however, that tank systems need to have additional features like first flush devices and UV filters to provide potable water. You can also follow the tips below if you intend to use rainwater for drinking to minimise the health risks for you and your family.

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