Sunday, 7 June 2015

Rainwater Tanks in WA: Clean Drinkable Water Whenever You Need It

Water is life; no one can live without it. As an irreplaceable aspect of living, water is sourced from various locales—rivers, ponds, deep wells, and many others. Like most places, residents in Western Australia (WA) get their water from community water systems. The downside of belonging to such a system is that the cost of water is steadily increasing, due in no small part to frequent cyclones and floods. Such conditions also mean that at times, clean water can be hard to come by. Perth, WA residents can learn from the efforts of a South Asian country faced with a similar situation: Bangladesh. Due to the effects of climate change, the country’s cyclone situation is expected to get even worse. With over half of the population living in poverty, an average cyclone can cause storm surges and floods that not only destroy homes, but also devastate sources of income and food, making it difficult for families to recover.

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