Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Perth Water Filters: Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purification Systems FAQs

Ultraviolet (UV) water purification is the most effective technique for disinfecting water. UV rays destroy 99.99 per cent of the harmful pathogens and illness-causing microorganisms in your home’s water. When partnered with inlet, first-flush, and in-line filters, a UV system is exceptionally effective in making your water safe for a variety of purposes, even drinking. Why do I need UV purification for my water? Disinfection is recommended for water that comes from non-municipal water sources, such as rainwater tanks. The water collected from roof runoff, after all, may come into contact with various contaminants that could make you ill. UV systems are highly effective in treating water, and by using them, you can ensure the safety of your household water supply.

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