Friday, 8 May 2015

Things Are Heating Up: WA Rainwater Tanks going against Bushfires

In a hot place like Western Australia, residents are helpless against the dangers of bushfires happening around Perth and nearby areas. Homeowners are at risk of getting their houses destroyed by the relentless fires brought about by the hot weather, or getting their supply of rainwater contaminated by the ashes from the fire. Bushfires are among the problems that those living in Western Australia have to contend with yearly, requiring them to prepare themselves for the uncontrollable wrath of the fire. With temperatures soaring by as much as 40 degrees Celsius, and winds that can go as much as 35 kilometres per hour, the dryness caused by the heat makes it easier for the fire to spread, making homeowners turn to drastic measures to avoid being victims. Some of them even stock up their rainwater supplies to curb the uncontrollable fire.

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