Saturday, 7 February 2015

Install Rainwater Tanks in WA homes and Other Water Conservation Tips

Living in Perth is a great experience for many people, however there are drawbacks. One of these is the increasing lack of water. This can be surprising considering its proximity to the Indian ocean, but the capital of Western Australia is thirsty for a lot of fresh water. The combination of the dry climate and the low rain fall—Perth only receives an average 656 mm a year—can make water a scarce resource. Thankfully, there are several water conservation tips, like installing WA rainwater tanks, to help ease the burden of your household’s water demands. Efficient Plumbing One of the ideal ways to conserve water is to ensure that it’s never wasted. On average, a household can lose 40 litres of water a day to leaks alone. That daily loss can add up as the weeks and months pass by; repairing your leaky faucets and toilets help ensure that you don’t lose all that water in the first place.

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